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Overcoming the Social Media Hamsters

Social media is very addictive, it’s very easy to… hang on… just received a direct message… oh… ha… LOL… Now where was I? Oh yes, social media is very addictive and can dominate your working life if you’re not careful. You can also find yourself interacting with the same set of people every day. Whilst spending lots of time on social media with your friends is not necessarily a problem, if you are using social media for business then it’s definitely an issue.

Have you ever watched hamsters? Some hamsters will spend a few minutes a day on their wheel, happily getting some exercise and stopping after a while. Less happier hamsters will get on their wheel with a determined look on their furry face, a glint in their eye and with gritted incisors. And they won’t get off the wheel till they are exhausted, or the darn thing breaks.

This is like some social media users – they spend hours on Twitter or Facebook, conversing with the same few people, often about the same few things. We all know people like that – or are you someone like that, a social media hamster? Again, this is no great problem if you have plenty of free time, but if you are using social media for business, then you will need to deal with this behaviour.

Before you send for Freddie Starr, there are a few simple steps you can take. Set limits for the amount of time you spend on social media – time is money, and the more time you spend in the social media world, the more it costs you – so look at the results you are getting for the time you spend. What would be the effect of halving your time on Twitter, Facebook etc? Make sure you are getting a return on your time investment, or you are not a social media professional, but a social media fan.

And widen your contacts – don’t get trapped in the wheel. Set yourself a target to make contact with a number of new people every day. Re-tweet, like, quote, and comment. Follow new people every day. Talk to people from outside your industry, not always to your peers.

It’s fairly easy to be… oh… that’s funny… must reply to that… oh, good one! So, as I was saying it’s fairly easy to get stuck on the wheel – make sure you overcome you inner hamster.
(*I misread a tweet and found the perfect title for a blog)