Keith Errington

marketing strategy
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Black Belt in Design & Typography

Think you know design? Can you handle type? Happy with your layouts? Well don’t get too comfortable; this course will show that you can be creative AND commercial.

And even if you’re happy with your design and typography skills, why not take them to the next level? This is a course that aims to be fun, stimulating, thought provoking, but above all, useful.
With practical exercises and numerous examples this course will also provide plenty of sources of inspiration and will help regenerate your creativity.

Who should attend?
Because of the nature of this course it is suitable for anyone in a
creative position, from seasoned designers to creative newbies.

What does the course cover?
  • The latest idea generating techniques
    • The secrets of advanced typographic knowledge
    • The infinite possibilities of layout
    • 7 ways of looking at design
    • Learning from bad design
    • Angles on typography
    • The Zen of white space
    • Appraising your own work
    • How to achieve simplicity
    • How to make it all happen in your day-to-day work