Keith Errington

marketing strategy
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Design for Corporate Publications

A practical hands-on course to allow new designers to develop usable techniques and improve confidence or act as a refresher for the more experienced designer.

Effective communication is the lifeblood of an organisation, whether that be internally to staff, to suppliers or partners, or to customers. Well-designed publications make a real difference to your organisation’s reputation, effectiveness and productivity.

What kind of image are you presenting through your publications? Do they reflect a professional, lively organisation, committed and enthusiastic? Or could they be improved? This interactive workshop focuses on increasing confidence and fluency in layout and typography for corporate publications and improving related design skills.

Participants will be encouraged to take an objective look at their own publications to improve their effectiveness and to develop their own creativity.

What you will learn
  • Why a design works and where bad design goes wrong!
    • What a design grid is for, how to develop one and exploit its structure
    • How to identify flaws in a layout and practical ways of avoiding them
    • Identifying the information hierarchy
    • Developing layout and typographic approaches to make the most of the material
    • How to avoid diluting the message
    • Developing different styles for news, information, brochure pages and features
    • Layout ideas that always work

Who should attend
Anyone involved in producing corporate publications who wants to develop better layout skills and more confidence in their design —and who feels they may benefit from some typographic tricks of the trade.

Course requirements
Send in advance: One copy of your publication/s.