Keith Errington

marketing strategy
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Creating Successful Email Newsletters

Not only are the costs of e-newsletters low but they are still one of the most important communication tools for any organisation wishing to engage its staff and/or customers.
But in order to be effective they need to add value for the reader and achieve the objectives of the publisher.

At their best they provide the reader with an essential information resource.

At their worst they become spam - irritating and alienating the intended audience.

This course will show you how to avoid the delete key and build solid relationships with customers and staff. It will outline best practice, show you how to develop relevant and meaningful content and a purposeful structure.

The course covers:
  • Understanding the purpose of the newsletter
  • Identifying readers desires
  • Structure: what should and what should not be in the newsletter
  • How to create content that delivers
  • Improving deliverability
  • Design, writing and process of publishing your HTML e-newsletter
  • Newsletter manners: how to avoid becoming spam
  • The impact of blogging and social media on newsletters
  • Common pitfalls and handy tips