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marketing strategy
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Managing Creative Projects

Large creative projects can be a nightmare as they represent the ultimate war between planning and creativity – logic and chaos!

Many communication projects seem to spiral out of anyone’s control due to changes, circumstances and production issues.

Learn how to manage a project successfully – a well-planned, well-implemented, well-designed project is a truly great achievement that is easier to accomplish with the right methods and approach.

This course will show you how to plan a project in a simple, straightforward manner, how to manage it’s implementation and handle changes – all without diluting the message, compromising the design or losing sleep.

What you will learn
  • The simple secret to a project’s success
    • Easy steps to a solid, workable plan
    • How to keep the end in sight throughout the project
    • Techniques for managing creative people
    • How to cope when things go wrong
    • The importance of feedback
    • Techniques for dealing with experts and “techies”

Who should attend
Anyone involved in running or setting up a large creative project – such as developing a website, launching a regular publication, implementing a corporate identity, rolling out a brand, planning a major exhibition or developing a new product.

Course requirements
It would be advantageous if participants have a project in mind that they are willing to discuss (although this can be in broad terms to maintain confidentiality) with the group.