Keith Errington

marketing strategy
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Website Usability - the secret to improving conversion rates

The essential principals of usability for conversion success

Based on solid principles, practical techniques and the latest research, participants on this course will be able to identify the weaknesses in their current site, maximise the resources available to them and develop highly effective pages with impact and style. Participants will be encouraged to take an objective look at their own websites and develop their own analytical and creative abilities.

Workgroup sessions will take advantage of the group's input and reinforce individual work.

The course covers:
  • Analysing sites from the many different aspects of a user's experience
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of content
  • How to maximise the effectiveness of the copy
  • The five tasks a home page must perform
  • Effective navigation and how to develop it
  • How to use analytics to identify usability problems
  • What the user wants and how to deliver it
  • Pages that work and pages that fail
  • A discussion of usability testing
  • Overview of accessibility issues
  • Simple rules for a great website